Using the GROWS Model for coaching

How to use GROWS model during the goal setting process

Your role is to:

What you do


Help clarify the GOAL

Help your trainee to set and articulate their goals.

Help set clear goals and identify what they would like to achieve

• Agree areas for discussion in the session


Help them understand what is happening now / REALITY of the situation

Get a clear picture of what’s actually happening, when it happens, what the effects are and what they have tried to do about it so far (motivation).

• Clarify the issue / situation

• Determine current impact

• Determine future implications


Help them to find out what is possible by generating and assessing OPTIONS

Have your trainee describe an ideal outcome and encourage exploring a range of ways this may be achieved

• Brainstorm many options

• Assess pros and cons

• Only offer your ideas after you have pushed them hard to come up with their own


Help them determine a WAY FORWARD & commit to the best actions

Convert the discussion to a decision.

• Help them determine a way forward

• Identify possible obstacles to overcome

• Work out what they are actually going to do


Help identify who else can SUPPORT them

Allow the trainee to think of all the people who can help them move forward with their goal.

• Help them see how people can be a resource

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