Fundamentals W2 coursework


Organise a study session (PD - 2 hr)

Working together is the best way for you to learn. Teaching someone else helps to strengthen your knowledge. And getting help from your fellow students saves you time and keeps you from becoming a passive learner.

You will be randomly assigned a group using random list team generator.

In groups of 3, organise a study session to work on one piece of coursework. As a group you must decide on:

  • The topic of the call

  • The time of call (give people a few hours to get ready. Remember Slack is asynchronous communication)

  • Who will create the link to Google Meet where you will have the call

  • Who will open (start) the call in Google Meet.

Once you have decided the above:

  • Make an announcement in Slack with your topic, time and link to call (anyone can join even if they are not in your group. Just keep to one topic and maximum 5-6 people in a call)

  • Ask people to react with an emoji if they want to attend

  • What should you do if there are too many people? Decide on a plan of action.

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