Working in Teams

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Session 1 (45 mins- 1 hour)

Retrospective/ Futurespective - What will be the challenges of working together?

Session 2 (45 mins- 1 hour)

Final Project Teams start Team Canvas

  • To prepare trainees for working in their Final Project teams

  • To help trainees learn about each other

  • To help trainees define their team purpose and goals

Session 3 (40- 45 mins)

5 Why's Problem Solving

  • To learn what is the 5 Why's technique

  • To learn how to use the 5 Why’s technique to discover the root cause of a problem

  • To be able to apply the 5 Why’s technique when solving problems

Session Session 4 (40-50mins)

Guest Speaker (CYF Alumni/ Volunteer) - Dealing with conflict in teams

  • To help trainees recognise that conflict happens in teams

  • To help trainees understand what conflit is

  • To learn about ways to deal with conflict

  • To practice solving conflicts

Session Session 6 (30 mins)

Honeycomb- Wrap up and feedback

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Independent Practice- Coursework introduction ‌

See the coursework here.

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