FindYourVoice - Empowerment Storytelling Workshop 1

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Objectives: to get to know each other, build trust and sense of community and to develop debate and discussion skills.

  • Use as icebreaker activity at astart of the day or after lunch

  • Sessions 1 & 2 should have been run during Fundamentals

  • If you didn't, start with session 1

Session I

Introduce the programme objectives and invite participants to relax, be themselves and have fun. Make sure you say: this is a non-judgmental space, there is no right or wrong, it’s a space to take risks and have fun.

Warm up:

Facilitator invite and lead participants to take a deep breath, stretch body: head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, waist, hips, jaw, tongue and lips.

  • pay attention on breathing, feel free to make sounds, laugh and yawn –

    Reflection: how did you feel before we started and now afterward? Have 2 – 3 participants comment.

Name game:

Participants are invited to share their names and an interesting face about themselves. e.g. I am Carolina and I run everyday.

(Everyone takes a turn- it’s important to hear everyone’s voice)


Participants are given 30 seconds to fetch an object that became important and/or attached to during 1st or 2nd lockdown.

e.g. instrument, book, pen, notebook, cushion, etc.

Reflection: Participants are invited to open the mic and tell the story of the object.

  • What is it?

    Where did you get it?

    Why is it important?

    How did you get attached to it?

(Participants are asked to keep the object for next FYV session)


Facilitator asks participants to rename themselves (on zoom) to how they are feeling right now. E.g. Carolina/ Excited

Offer space for few participants to comment on the feeling they will take from the session.

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