Week 3 - CVs and transferable skills

Session: CVs and transferable skills

Session objective: This session focuses on identifying transferable skills and designing effective CVs, Linkedin and GitHub profiles.

Exercise (10 min)

Exercise objective: To identify transferrable skills from different life experiences.

List 3 transferable skills to be gained for your previous jobs or educational experiences.

Exercise (10 min)

Exercise objective: To identify skills that can be developed during the CYF course.

The following is a real ‘junior software developer’ job description from LinkedIn. In small groups, map these skills back to the skills you will gain at the end of your CYF course.

Share back with the group. You can collate the answers on a white board.


Your skills and experience:

  • Demonstrate passion for technology (personal projects, open source involvement)

  • Have excellent interpersonal, oral and written communications skills.

  • Enjoy problem-solving and be logical.

  • Be able to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment.

  • Like working in a team with lots of different people.

  • Be able to take responsibility for a piece of work from start to finish

  • Be good at planning and prioritising workload

  • Articulate and justify conceptual ideas and solutions to clients and internal teams

  • Focus on delivering value to the business with relentless efforts to improve process

  • Fluent in written and verbal English

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