HTML/CSS W1 coursework


Create a study schedule (PD - 1.5 hr)

Over the next months you will have lots of coursework to complete! How will you manage it all?

Create a study schedule.

This activity will give you practice using Google sheets to create and maintain a schedule.

Go to the link below and do the course. Completed the quiz at the end of the course. We will be able to see your responses. Create a goal setting worksheet here.

Learn how to use Google Doc and Slides (PD - 1 hr)

The goal is for you to be comfortable using Google Doc and Google Slides, which you will use a lot in your professional life.

  1. Go to

  2. Click "Sign in" in the top right

  3. Sign in with your Google account, or create a new one

  4. Click "I am a student"

  5. Click "Join a class" and enter class code: qchyyg

  6. Start the Communicate Effectively at Work course

  7. Do lessons "4 - Communicate Ideas in a Proposal" and "5. Present Information About Your Job"

  8. Share the links to the exercises of both lessons

Use this applied digital skills course to help you with your communication skills.

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