Neurodiversity Training

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At CodeYourFuture we want to create a welcoming learning environment for everyone. We understand that people who train with us may have had challenging educational experiences in the past. We belive that if we positively celebrate neurodiversity in our group, we can enable everyone to feel like valued members able to share their differences.

As a teacher, Buddy, or Career mentor you will encounter a neurodiverse learner as we are all neurodiverse. This course will enable you to understand and better support our neurodiverse learners.

Free Online Course by Cognassist: This course leads to a free accreditation in Nerodiversity

Neurodiversity Masterclass summary:

#1 Neurodiversity & cognition: an introduction 🧠 We explore the foundations of neurodiversity and cognition and how understanding these topics can unlock learner potential.

#2 Personalised learning: practical applications We discuss the educational journey for apprentices and how personalised learning drives high attainment and engagement.

#3 Learning strategies: how to support learners We share practical learning strategies that can help support learners to reach their full potential.

#4 Reasonable adjustments ⏳ Everything you need to now about reasonable adjustments. What are they? Why they matter. And how to implement them. #5 How to be “Outstanding”: EIF best practices Marina Gaze shares her top 5 tips for Ofsted compliance and we discuss how to maximise quality through the EIF.

#6 Say goodbye to clawback: ESFA compliance 📝 Karl Bentley shares evidencing best practices and we discuss his rules for avoiding clawback.

We suggest you complete the first 4 modules as those will be most relevant for your roles here at CodeYourFuture.

Volunteer Learning Log

Whenever you complete training please fill out your Learning Log. This allows us to track of the support and development opportunities you have had during your time with us. Please make a local copy of the Learning Log and fill in your details.

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