Connect me

This is a fun writing activity that can promote empathy and connection.


  1. This game should ideally be played with all cameras on if the participants are online.

  2. The facilitator types in a word or a phrase, one at a time. Examples: strawberry, New York, sky, ball, one year.

  3. Participants have 1-2 minutes to write something about themselves associated with the word or phrase - or something they associate with the word or phrase.

  4. Facilitator plans a speaking order and sets a timer for 2 minutes.

  5. Sentences are shared.

  6. The facilitator shares the next word or phrase.

  7. After one round or more, there can be a brief reflection before going on to the next word.


  • What was this activity like for you?

  • Did you discover anything?

  • How did this activity make you feel?

  • What did you learn about other people today?


  • Depending upon the groups’ level of maturity, a participant could suggest a word and send it to the facilitator.

  • Depending on the group’s median age, words (like justice, hope, safety, etc.) can be more evocative and challenging, and touch off deeper conversation.

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