Week 2 - Gathering requirements

Session: Gathering requirements

Session objective: This session will explore what a tech product is, who are the users of a product, and how the product meets user needs.

What is a product?

Let's talk about briefly as a class what we mean when say a "product".

Quick definition: Product is something that satisfies a Business Need. Products deliver value to the business stakeholders (internal or external).

Exercise (20 minutes)

Exercise objective: To understand the mission of a product

During the previous week's coursework you defined your team's product. Discuss the following questions to identify the users for your product.

  • Who are your users? What different user profiles will there be?

  • What user needs is your product trying to address?

Volunteer to share your thoughts with the class.

Exercise (20 minutes)

Exercise objective: To identify how products achieve user needs

Brainstorm the following questions in your teams to understand your product better.

  • What is the functionality of your product?

  • How does it address the user needs / solve their problem?

Volunteer to share your thoughts with the class for group discussion. Invite other groups to provide feedback, thoughts, additional suggestions.

Quick definitions

Go through the following definitions. You don't need to go into details, you will need to have a basic understanding of these concepts for this week's coursework.

What is an MVP?

  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) refers to a product that has just enough features to satisfy the needs of early customers and, more importantly, give them something to provide feedback on to shape the future of the product.

What is a feature?

  • A feature is the product’s service/function that provides business value and meets customer needs. A single product is likely to have multiple features.

What is a user story?

  • A user story is a brief description of software features, written from the user's perspective, that describes how that functionality will provide some values.

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