JS2 W1 coursework


Teamwork Project - Set your team up (PD - 1 hour)

In small groups, your challenge is to collaborate and design a product for a fictional client. Your product must have a positive impact on the world or solve a global challenge, for example you might choose to build a website that provides information on how to grow your own food.

The goal of this teamwork project is for you to understand how the pre-work of the coding is done. This is an important phase and, if done well, can ensure the teamwork is efficient and delivers fast.

The team should be:

  • A mix of technical skills/levels

  • A mix of genders

  • Groups can be max size of 5

  1. Define the team

  2. Define what fictional product you would build

Teamwork Project - Roles research (PD - 1h)

Each of the team members should research one of the roles below:

  • A front end web developer

  • A back end web developer

  • A UX/UI designer or UX researcher

  • A Product manager

  • A QA tester

Once you have researched the roles, you must create a one slide presentation explaining what each of the roles do and how these roles work together in a team on a project.

Teamwork Project - Agile reading (PD - 1 hr)

Read the following material and discuss the 4 key principles of agile in your Teamwork Project group.

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