JS1 coursework



Week 1

Meet with your Buddy group (1 hour) (Do, See, Hear, Read) Task 1

  • Meet with your buddy group members and your PD Buddy Mentor (if possible)

  • Share any your weekly schedules/timetables. Discuss how you are finding the time management with the classes and homework during the week

  • Give each other advice and tips on how to work effectively during the week.

  • After you have had your meeting come back here and mark done.

Task 2 Watch 'How to conduct yourself professionally' (Do, Watch, Hear)

Watch 'How to conduct yourself professionally' (Do, Watch, Hear)

  1. Reflect in your Learning Journal/ Diary what behaviours you learned in the video were new to you.

  2. Write what behaviours you are currently doing that you need to stop so you can appear more professional.

  3. Write what behaviours you need to start doing or doing more so you can appear more professional.

  4. What behaviours do you think you need to change or adapt for an online/ remote work environment like CodeYourFuture?


Week 2

What skills for the job? (Do, read, write)

Now you have started exploring the technical and personal skills needed for different jobs.

  1. Write down in your Learning Journal/ Diary what you think are the hard (technical) and soft (personal) skills needed for these jobs?

  • Teacher

  • Designer

  • Software

  • Developer

  • Doctor

2. Are there any common skills required for these jobs?

3. Add your list to your work area on Google Classroom

4. Mark as done


Week 3

Are Soft Skills Useful in Tech? (Do, read, write)

We have shared with you several times over the past months that soft skills are important for tech careers. You may think that is just an opinion. So find out for yourself if you need good soft skills to get a better career in tech.

  1. Do some research on whether soft skills are necessary to develop a career as a developer or other role in tech.

  2. You need at least 3 sources.

  3. Make sure you are getting your information from reliable sources.

  4. After you have done your research, write a reflection in your Learning Journal/Dairy about what you have learned.

  5. Post one of your reflective summaries in your work area

  6. Mark as done

Use this structure:

a. Write a short summary of the ideas presented for each of your 3 chosen articles/posts/videos

  • Present the issue

  • Name the author/ source

  • Main points they made

b. Analyse the arguments - do you agree or disagree? Why?

  • what are the strong points?

  • what are the weak points?

c. Give your personal reflection on each source

  • what are your thoughts about the issue?

  • why does this matter? why is it important?

  • what did you learn?

JS 4

Week 4

Employability skills check - (Do, Watch, Hear)

This week you are going to start thinking more about your employability skills. Why do we have PD Day's and coursework?

Watch this video 'Top Resume Skills'


  1. Reflect in your Learning Journal/Diary Based on the video, what are the hard skills/ soft skills you have already developed? Write a list

  2. What are the ones you think you need to develop more over the next 6-9 months? Write a list

  3. What hard/soft skills are you currently working on developing?

  4. (Optional) You can add your lists to your work area.

  5. Mark as done

You should share your lists with your PD and Edu buddies when you next meet with them.

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