Week 2 - Feedback

Session: Giving and receiving feedback

Session objective: Transparency is the key to success. An important part of being a successful developer is the ability to give and receive feedback. In order to start that process, you must be able to showcase your work in progress. Now that you have had a chance to try some coding, it’s time to be transparent and talk about it.

Exercise 1 (20 min per person)

Exercise objective: To talk about challenges, ask and give feedback.

Find a partner. In pairs take turns to discuss the questions below. Talk through your fears, get feedback, and work together to find solutions to some of the challenges you face. Each person has to give one piece of advice to support their fellow team member:

  • When it comes to showing your work in progress, what are your three biggest fears?

  • How will you overcome these fears?

  • When it comes to showing your work in progress, what’s the absolute worst thing that can happen?

  • What is the best thing that can happen?

  • When it comes to the working world, what do you need from your teammates?

  • How will you support your teammates?

  • What’s a better outcome, making a mistake and learning something new or never making mistakes and never learning at all?

After 20 min, switch groups.

Exercise 2 (10 min)

Exercise objective: To practice public speaking skills

Volunteer to share your challenges to the class and ask for feedback.

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