FindYourVoice Empowerment Storytelling Workshop 3

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Objectives: to get to know each other, build trust and sense of community and to develop debate and discussion skills.

Session III

Start the session by asking if someone wants to share how the week has been?

Did anything exciting happen?

Any challenges?

Warm up (see Session 1)

Dance to participants’ songs. Either facilitator or participant can lead a stretching while dancing.

(Make sure participant has the chance to talk a bit about the chosen song)

Reflection: how were you feeling before and how you feel after the dance? Rename (on zoom) Sleepy/ Awake

(Facilitator acknowledges their feelings)

Activity 1

In the large group

(materials needed: pen and paper/ reflective journal)

Participants are invited to write a reflection in their journals on their journey as migrants, daily lives, challenges, future plans and big and small achievements.

How do you celebrate your achievements?

How does a challenge make you feel?

Where do you find peace?

Give 5 minutes to write

Then invite the participants to share if they wish to

Note to facilitator: be positive and highlight how courageous they are for starting a new course, changing career and continue striving.

Be mindful of creating psychological safety to start sharing.

Activity 2

Following their journal reflection, participants are invited to think about and complete the two sentences:

(Write on paper)

When I want to escape I…

And it makes me feel….

Each sentence can be accompanied by an action.

Participants then are invited to ‘perform’: say it out loud with actions.

Reflection: discuss how important it is, especially along the course, to pay attention to how we feel. Talk about the importance of celebrating achievements, to positively face challenges, to ask for help, and to ‘escape’ when overwhelmed.


Rename themselves to how they are feeling right now.

(Invite participants to have a look on people’s feelings)

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