Interview prep session coursework


Interview Questions

You’ve made a start on your STAR spreadsheet in class.

Now, expand on what you’ve done so far and create a STAR answer for each question asked. You’ll use these answers for your interview practice task.

Here’s the spreadsheet, if you haven’t already made a copy.

DO NOT edit the spreadsheet directly. See instructions on first tab.

Instructions are on the first tab, questions are on the second tab.

Use this spreadsheet to start having discussions with your PD buddy. For example, to get their thoughts on your answers and where you might be able to improve them.

Interview practice

This is where you will practice being interviewed using the questions from the STAR spreadsheet.

In groups of three, arrange a video call where you can practice being interviewed by each other, using a selection of those questions (and any others you’d like to ask).

One person will do the interview, one person will be interviewed and the third person will observe - and give feedback on how well the interviewee did.

Then swap round until you’ve all had a chance to be interviewed.

Use this document from class to help you with the process of interviewing each other.

Interview Feedback

Arrange a discussion with your PD buddy to discuss feedback from your practice interviews. What have you learned? What went well? What do you need to work on? How will you do that?

Project Prep Work

Before brainstorming ideas, it is helpful to think of your personal aim for the project, what is the most important aspect of it, unrelated to the problem your app solves.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

What is your "specialty"?

Do you love or hate CSS?

What was your favorite technology to learn this cohort?

What is something you wanted to learn but we didn't cover? Write you brinstorm ideas in your learning journal.

Post a photo or screenshot of your brainstorm in your learning area on Google Classroom.

Team Canvas

To work within your teams to refine your team goal and purpose. You should have a set of clear goals and ONE purpose. You should set a time for the team to work together Post you completed team canvas on your student area on Google Classroom Share with your PD Buddy

Honeycomb feedback

Go onto the Honeycomb platform and complete your self assessment of Interview skills cell.

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