Ways to run a Futurespective

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Here are 3 versions you can try:

1. Hopes and Concerns

Hopes and Concerns is a lightweight futurespective template

The Hopes and Concerns exercise asks team members to open up and communicate what they’re optimistic or worried about. Reviewing the Hopes together is motivating for the group, who can then use that energy to collectively address the Concerns. This exercise is great for the beginning of a workshop.

2. The sailboat futurespective

The Sailboat - how does your team get to their tropical island?

Get the team to work from the goal backwards (in this case the tropical island is your goal), then focus on the things that help and prevent the team’s boat from reaching the island.

3. The newspaper headline futurespective

The ‘News Headline’ is a creative futurespective - imagine a future where a newspaper is reporting the team’s success on their front page. To run this futurespective, split the group into small teams and have them create:

  • The Headline - what’s the snappy title that conveys their success?

  • Lead picture - choose or create an image, maybe you’ll allow a GIF or two.

  • Bullet points and the first few paragraphs - go into detail here, what is the success story? What did the team overcome to get here?

This is a Futurespective best run in a face to face environment!

How to Run a Futurespective by Liz Keogh- https://lizkeogh.com/2018/09/12/how-to-run-a-futurespective/

  • Set the Scene and Create a Timeline: group agrees on a set timeline to focus on

  • No Safety Check: encourage creativity rather than making sure everyone feels safe

  • Step into the Future: traverse the timeline and fill in with events

  • Look back at the past negatively (skip to positive if short on time):

  • State interrupt – break the mood!

  • Step forward into the future again

  • Look back at the past positively

  • Dot-vote

  • Create actions

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