Week 4 - Asking good questions

Session: Asking good questions

Adapted from Tectonica workshop

Session objective: This session focuses on learning on the job by being proactive and asking for help in a structured way.

Exercise (15 min)

Exercise objective: To practice asking questions following the format provided.

Work in small groups. Pick a programming concept that you have difficulty with or are trying to learn. Use StackOverflow to see if you can get some good information about it. Role play for asking questions with a partner, use the the template sample script:

"I could use some help. I’m using this tech stack: __. I want to __ to accomplish __. I searched for __and I read __ and tried __. I’m getting this error/result: __. I think the problem could be __. Here’s a link to my code: __. Do you have any suggestions for me?"

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