4 L's Retrospective

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4Ls Retrospective: Liked, Learned, Lacked, & Longed for - from https://www.retrium.com/retrospective-techniques/4ls

Revisit Agile Methodologies presented in PD Day 1 - Honeycomb session. Start the day with a retrospective on the past 4 weeks PD skills development only.

Use Metro Retro to do a collaborative retro session with the whole group.

  • Liked

What did you really enjoy about the past 4 weeks? In particular, what went better than expected? Emphasize the positive!!!

  • Learned

What new things did the team learn during the past 4 weeks? These can be technical things (like how to make a pull request ) or nontechnical things (like how to organise effective study groups).

  • Lacked

What things could you, the team, and the volunteers have done better during the past 4 weeks?

  • Longed for

What things did you wish you had during the past 4 weeks that were not available? Again, these can be technical or nontechnical (like the desire for more face time with the team).

Your retro should run between 30-60 mins depending on the size of your group.

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