Session 3: SDOT analysis

Session 3: SDOT analysis

Session objective: In this session, each participant will do a SDOT (Strengths, Developments, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis.

Exercise (20 min)

Exercise objective: To conduct a personal SDOT analysis

Think about the key areas that you want to improve on by some introspective work and writing your own personal SDOT analysis:

  • Strengths: What are you great at? What makes you personally stand out from other people? What positive comments do people say about your strengths? What are your greatest achievements?

  • Developments: What skills do I need to work on? Where do you need to improve? What holds you back? What key habits do you want to overcome? What do others say about your development areas?

  • Opportunities: If I invest my time in my technical skills, I will land a good job. Who can help me achieve my goals? What can I do differently to other people that makes me more employable? How can I go the extra mile? How can I make opportunities happen for myself?

  • Threats: What could stop me from achieving my career goals? What do I need to stop doing now? What's out of my control that I can’t change?

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