FindYourVoice Empowerment Storytelling Workshop 4

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Objectives: to get to know each other, build trust and sense of community and to develop debate and discussion skills.

Session IV

Welcome the group and ask if they have any thoughts about the last session, if they have escaped, celebrated any achievements or faced any challenges.

Warm up

Move/dance to participants’ song - Make sure participants have the chance to talk a bit about the chosen song.

Musical statues

Facilitator pauses the song, everyone freezes.

Each time music stops, invite a different participant to lead the dance.

Reflection: Ask how were you feeling before and now after dancing? Rename (on zoom) Sleepy/ Awake

(Facilitator acknowledges their feelings)

Activity 1

(Materials: pen and paper)

  • As it is the last session of this module, invite participants to reflect on and write a paragraph about how they see themselves in a year time when the course finishes. See Futurespective activity

  • Participants are invited to read out loud.

  • First they read it neutral, then facilitator suggests changing the intention using different genres like: say it as if it was a horror movie, a comedy, a romance, a documentary, etc.

Options: change the speed (as if it was on the moon –gravity - or late to work) , the volume (if it was telling a secret or making an announcement).


Rename to a message to themselves when course finishes E.g. Be positive, You can do it, etc.

(Invite participants to have a look on people’s messages)

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