Cooperative counting

This activity builds group cooperation, focus, and concentration.


  1. The goal is to count to 20 as a group. Someone will start with β€œ1,” then someone else will say β€œ2” and so on. (NO assigned order)

  2. Anyone can say a number. However, if two people speak at the same time, you go back to 1 and start again from the beginning.

  3. If the group gets to 20 and wants to continue, the group can see how high they can count, or go backwards from 20 to 1.

  4. Optional: Depending on the size of the group, you can require that every person contributes at least one of the numbers.


Invite students to share:

  • What was challenging about this?

  • What did we have to do as a group to work together?

  • How could our group take it to the next level next time we play?


  • If the group finds this challenging, ask, β€œWhat could we do as a group to do better?” Encourage suggestions that build teamwork such as listen closely, everyone only say one number, remember who has gone before, etc.

  • Discourage short-cuts such as establishing a pattern or using nonverbal signals.

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