PD Buddy Training

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Being a PD Buddy is a key way to support students on their learning journey.

Projected Time

This training will take roughly 90 minutes to complete.

Prior Knowledge

To take part in this training you are expected to

  • Have some understanding of the challenges faced by our students

  • Be a good listener

  • Be able to empower

You may also

  • Have taught on the tech stack with CodeYourFuture in the past

  • Be a graduate of CodeYourFuture

  • Have a desire to help others develop

We do not expect you

  • To have any professional background in mental health, immigration, finace, housing, social services or employment.

Training Feedback

Please fill in this form to feedback on the training and how useful you found it in preparing you for your role.

Volunteer Learning Log

Whenever you complete training please fill out your Learning Log. This allows us to track of the support and development opportunities you have had during your time with us. Please make a local copy of the Learning Log and fill in your details.

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