Dyslexia and Coding

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Yay! You have started your journey with coding!

It might be fun now but at some point it may become hard.
You might belive that dyslexia makes coding is difficult and you're not smart enough. But the way a dyslexics brain works actually makes you better able to code!

Some inspiring innovators with dyslexia:

Remember Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple?
What about Ingvar Kamprad? Don't know his name? He's the founder of IKEA.
British chef Jamie Oliver
Virgin group founder and Made By Dislexia co-founder Richard Branson
Film director Stephen Speilberg Princess Beatrice, Keira Knightly, Woopi Goldberg, Agatha Critistie,

How dyslexic brain works:

Dyslexia Awareness Part 1: Module 1 - About Dyslexia https://youtu.be/DgHDQeZ5QuA Dyslexia Awareness Part 1: Module 2 - Dyslexic Strengths https://youtu.be/d4VRjQnBoWM
Dyslexics are more intelligent - Here is why - Hack Dyslexia - https://youtu.be/ZyMU4cAMT6c
Dyslexics better engineers, here is why - Hack Dyslexia - The Power Of Material Reasoning https://youtu.be/-l2ZXdhH9aQ