Week 1 - Introspection

Session: PD Intro

Session objective: Professional Development starts here. Today is the very beginning of your career journey, and it starts by thinking about your personal and professional development.

Exercise 1 (30 min)

Exercise objective: To identify goals and motivations.

Work in small groups. Introduce yourself. Identify a speaker for your group. Answer the following questions in turns:

  • Why did you apply to CYF?

  • What is one goal you have achieved in your life?

  • What is your career goal?

The speaker presents the group's ideas to the class.

Exercise 2 (30 min)

Exercise objective: To discuss specific actions and commitments.

Work in small groups. Identify a speaker for your group. Discuss why you want a job in tech and name three actions you will take as a commitment to your journey into your new career. Consider following questions:

  • Will you keep up to date with job opportunities by researching roles?

  • Will you build side projects to make yourself stand out?

  • Will you commit to CYF?

The speaker presents the group's three specific actions to the class.

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