FindYourVoice Empowerment Storytelling Workshop 2

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Objectives: to get to know each other, build trust and sense of community and to develop debate and discussion skills.

Session II

Introduce the session, invite participants to be themselves and remind them that this is a safe space.

Warm up: (5- 7 mins)

  1. Choose a song from the class playlist created in week 1 of the Fundamentals module (check your Google Classroom or Slack for the link)

  2. Put music on and invite participants to dance to it, ‘oiling the joints’. Play for 1 minute

    *Remind them to pay attention to breathing and body parts ‘to be oiled’: face, head, shoulders, hips, knees and legs.

  3. Lead the group in a reflection by asking

    How were you feeling before and how are you feeling now after dancing together?

  4. Invite them to rename themselves on Zoom with the emotion they felt and now are currently feeling. eg. Carolina- Sleepy/Awake

(Facilitator acknowledges their feelings)

  1. Next, ask the group to guess whose song was it? Was it a volunteer?

    Was it a student?

Do you know their name?

Activity 1 : (5 - 7 mins)

  1. In the large group, revisit the activity from Session 1 where participants get a chance to talk about an object they became attached to during the 1st lockdown. (Be mindful if you are going through another lockdown) Encourage the group to give support for the ones who have not had a chance to speak.

    Offer participants who did not have a go in the previous week, the chance to talk about their object.

  2. What is the object?

  3. Where did you get it from?

  4. Why is it important?

  5. How (in which circumstances) did you get attached to it?

Activity 2 : (10 - 15 mins)

  1. Participants are now invited to advertise their object as if they were to sell it on TV.

    Make it grand, make it fun!

*Facilitator models for the group:

Here we have this amazing notebook with hundred pages and a colorful art on the cover. The size is just perfect, you can take it anywhere. Whenever you feel lonely, you can share your thoughts and feelings with it. And more, you can read it whenever you wish and learn so much about yourself.

Are there any interested buyers for my book?

  1. Break into small groups of 3 - each person has a role and they rotate so everyone has had a chance to present.

  2. 1 person presents for 2 mins

  3. 1 person is the timekeeper

  4. 1 reflects back on whether they would buy the item.

*students can do this activity on their own without having static volunteer supervision.

Volunteers can move between groups to observe:

Who is enthusiastic?

Who is struggling to speak in English?

Who is more shy?

Are the group members supportive of each other?

Activity 3 : (10 - 15 mins)

  1. Return to the large group

  2. Lead the group in a reflection by asking

    What was it like to share a personal story?

How did it feel? 

What was it like to sell it? 

Was it challenging? 

Did the narrative/script make sense? 

Would you buy the products your team tried to sell? 


  1. Invite them to rename themselves on Zoom with the emotion they felt before the session, after the warm up dance and now eg. Carolina- Sleepy/Awake/ Hopeful

  2. Invite participants to have a look on people’s feelings

  3. Do they have any observations or comments?

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