Week 4 - Presentations

Session: Presentations

Session objective: It's time to reflect on what you have learned and share it with each other.

Exercise (20 min)

Exercise objective: To work on a task as a team

Work in small groups. Prepare a 3-min presentation. Your presentation must cover the following points:

  • Why it is important to build accessible websites? You must cover who browses the web, and the different types of users

  • What form controls we use when we want the user to choose multiple options from a list

  • The difference between the DOM API and the Accessibility API

  • Why it's important to be transparent as a developer

  • Why developers use pull requests

  • Why we do a retro

Exercise (30 min)

Exercise objective: To practice public speaking skills

Volunteer to present back to the class.

Exercise (10 min)

Exercise objective: To reflect on learnings and processes, to come up with suggestions

Let's spend some time on a class retrospective for the this module. Discuss the following points:

  • What we covered over the past weeks

  • What parts we enjoyed

  • What we will do differently in the next module

  • What tips and tricks we can share with each other

  • What advice we would give to the next class

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