Presentation session plan

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Prior Knowledge

All trainees should have completed PD Day 1, 2 and 3

All trainees should have completed PD coursework from previous weeks

All trainees should have recieved feedback on their Honeycomb cell 'Maximising My Time'

Session 1 (45 mins- 1 hour)

Retrospective - What's your Superpower?

Fun start to retro by focusing on what we are good at!

Session plan is here.

Session 2 (30 mins- 40mins)

Developer skills - Motivation and Resilience

  • To help trainees learn the definition of resilience

  • To help trainees identify their current coping habits

  • To support trainees in developing resilience strategies

Session 3 (30 mins- 40mins)

Guest speakers- CYF Graduate/ Volunteer - Roles within the Tech sector and/or Web Development

  • To highlight the various roles within the tech sector

  • To give trainees tips on how they may find out more about roles they are interested in

Session 4 (30 mins- 40mins)

Structuring and delivering a 1-minute pitch

  • To have trainess learn the value of being able to make a pitch

  • To show trainees the steps needed to make an effective pitch

  • To enable trainees to develop a pitch and practice presenting it

Session 5 (30 mins- 40mins)


Session 6 (30 mins- 40mins)

Leadership Compass

  • To have trainees develop a deeper sense of self-awareness about their leadership style and approach

  • To have trainees develop an understanding of how one’s work style affects team functioning

Session 7 (45 mins- 1 hour)β€Œ

Honeycomb Introduction - Presenting for Success cell and feedback





Independent Practice- Coursework introduction β€Œ

See the coursework here.

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