Move together

This embodied team-building activity builds visual focus and concentration, and invites non-verbal connection.


  1. This is a physical game that requires participants be on camera if participating online.

  2. Explain that you will start a movement, and everyone should try to follow you and move together.

  3. Keep the initial moment simple and slow, and encourage participants to work together nonverbally. Focus on the movement, and remind the group your goal is for everyone to move together.

  4. As the group gets more practice with moving together, ask another participant to take over as the leader. You can rotate the lead role so everyone has a chance to lead the group through movement.

  5. Advanced challenge: If the group likes movement and finds this to be easy, challenge everyone to move together without a lead.


  • What skills are we building as a team when we move together nonverbally?

  • How is moving together on-screen different than moving in real space if you were online?

  • How is moving on-screen different than talking on-screen if you were online?


  • If online, on Zoom video settings there is a box called “Mirror My Video.” For this game, it’s recommended that everyone turn this feature off if they are online, so that everyone works with the same screen orientation.

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