Brag Diary Template

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Please follow this format each week when you are completing your reflection. Remember, you should write a reflection each week of your training.

Week (number)

Core Competencies: Employability and Personal Development Skills



Example: Week X

Core Competencies: Employability and Personal Development Skills

Taking Initiative

During the Fundamentals course of Code Your Future, I was tasked to do the Fish Tank project on the Khan Academy. This project required me to draw a fish shape using functions and some of the other programming tools we have learned. For bonus points, you can add additional features like seaweed, pebbles, bubbles that float to the top and to make it more interactive with mouse click.

I was able to draw the fish and the pebbles/seaweed but the other bonus task was extremely difficult for me specially getting bubbles to float. I realised that other students were having the same struggles and so I have taken the initiative to organise a call with the students. During this call we were able to come up with some solutions and I was able to learn a few things that I didn't think of when I was working on my own. At the end, we were able to get the bubbles floating in the fish tank with the help of the other students and this saved me a lot of time.

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