Week 3 - Delivering tutorials

Session: Delivering tutorials

Session objective: In this section we'll continue exploring how to use the technical language to communicate to different audiences.

Exercise (20 min)

Exercise objective: To explain concepts to different audiences

Work in small groups. Prepare a 3 min tutorial based on what you have learned so far to one of the four different audiences:

  1. A group of 10 year olds

  2. People who are new internet users

  3. Your boss

  4. A team of new developers

The tutorial should explain the following:

  1. What are HTML forms used for?

  2. How do form control labels benefit users?

  3. Why are forms useful for different types of users?

Exercise (30 min)

Exercise objective: To practice public speaking skills

Volunteer to present back to the class.

Exercise (10 min)

Exercise objective: To reflect on tasks and identify strengths

Reflect on what you found challenging and share one positive feedback to the wider group.

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