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Developer skills - How to do a competency based interview

  • To introduce trainees to effective interview techniques

  • To provide opportunities to practice having a remote interview

Developer skills - How to do a Technical Interview

  • To have trainees understand what employers are looking for in a technical interview

  • To have trainees learn about how to approach a coding challenge

  • To allow trainees practice in talking through their coding challenges

Session 3 (45 mins- 1 hour)

Experience Bank

  • To reintroduce the STAR method of answering competency based questions

  • To examine the common competency based questions asked about communication, teamwork, organisation, and problem solving

  • To allow trainees to practice answering and get feedback on these types of questions

Session 4 (40- 45 mins)

Mock Interviews

To gain confidence through practicing interview techniques

Session Session 5 (30 mins)

Honeycomb- Interview skills

Session Session 6 (30 mins)


  • To allow trainees to reflect on the day and discuss with each other in small groups

  • To highlight what interview tips they found were most useful

  • To identify any key takeaways they will use for their group employability program

    • refer back to group session document (

Independent Practice- Coursework introduction ‌

There are 2 separate Google Classrooms. 1 for technical coursework and another for PD coursework. There will be PD assignments every week so please check both Google Classrooms. See the coursework here.

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