JS2 W2 coursework



Teamwork Project - Gathering requirements (PD - 3 hr)

Thinking back to your Agile Development class on JavaScript 1, Week 1, your group should:

  1. Define what would be the minimum viable product (MVP)

  2. Define which features are need for the MVP

  3. Create some user stories that reflect these features

Stretch target: define the acceptance criteria of the user stories so that you can ensure that developer and tester have all the necessary information

Teamwork Project - Resolving conflicts (PD - 1 hr)

If you need to remember this video on Resolving Workplace Conflict, watch it again. It's 7 minutes long.

Make a plan about how to resolve conflicts in your group.

Agile reading (PD - 1 hr)

Read the following material and share your 3 key takeaways:

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